Full Series Points After Race 3

Prairie City Kart Track Race 3 took place on June 11th and was the second stop for the NorCal Club Challenge. We had over 90 entries – including our regular classes as well as the Clones and NorCal Shifters.

Our current point leaders (without any drops) are as follows: (Click here for full points).

Kid Kart Honda – Jesse Pulido

Kid Kart Comer – Hunter Ford

LO206 Junior I – Stephen Eisert

LO206 Junior II – Matt Winfrey

LO206 Junior Senior – Andrew Kemp

LO206 Master – Jack Arluck

Mini Swift – Stephen Eisert

TaG Junior – Oliver Reed

TaG Senior – Zach Smith

TaG Master – Wayne Ash

TaG Grand Master – Mike Hays

80 Shifters – Mike Nearman

125 Shifters – Henry Damas


Race 4 will be held on Saturday August 26th – followed by a summer BBQ dinner.

Click here for full points