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Kart Racing


Whether you plan to race, drive a kart around during practice, or just see how it goes, be sure to:

  1. Visit the track during practice sessions or during race days (see schedule).  You’ll get a good sense of what’s involved and our helpful staff is willing to answer any of your questions.
  2. Test drive a kart. Keep in mind that it will take some time to become proficient.
  3. Visit the Pro Shop and local karting shops. They can give you specifics on what’s involved and what it will cost.


If you are renting a kart, we supply all safety equipment. 
However, if you are bringing your own gear, the following is required to practice or race on the track:

  • Full-Face Racing Helmet with proper certification
  • Neck Collar
  • Abrasion Resistant Gloves
  • Abrasion Resistant Clothing – Karting Suit or Jacket and Jeans
  • Under 12 – SFI Approved Chest Protector
  • Long Hair must be adequately restrained 

Race Flags

Race Schedule



  • Race Fees are $75 per entry
  • Practice Fees are $45 per entry

season pass

If you plan to come out to the track often, you’ll likely want to purchase a season pass, which covers the cost of all practice fees ($45/per entry) for the annual year (until Dec. 31). 

  • Membership Cost: $495.00
  • Not valid on race weekends

Race Class

Fuel, Oil & Tires are available at Track

ClassAgeWeightEvinco TireMotorFuel
Kid Kart5 - 81504.6 / 4.6 BlueHonda GX5087
JR1 Pilot L02067 - 122454.6 / 4.6 BlueB&S L020687
JR1 L02068 - 122454.6 / 4.6 BlueB&S L020687
TAG Cadet7 - 122354.6 / 4.6 BlueIAME Mini Swift / Mini RokC12
JR2 L020612 - 153104.6 / 6.0 BlueB&S L020687
JR KA10012 - 153204.6 / 7.1 BlueIAME KA100 / VLR ROK 100ccC12
Shifter 80cc15 +3754.6 / 7.1 BlueHonda 80ccC12
SR L020615 + 3604.6 / 6.0 BlueB&S L020687
SR KA10015 +3604.6 / 7.1 BlueIAME KA100 / VLR ROK 100ccC12
SR Shifter 12515 + See Below4.6 / 7.1 RedHonda / ROK 125ccC12
Masters L020635 + 3904.6 / 6.0 BlueB&S L020687
TAG Masters35 + See Below4.6 / 7.1 BlueSee BelowC12
MotorSR WeightMasters Weight
Parilla Leopard360390
PRD Fireball350380
Rotax Max FR125360395
Vortex TT375405
Motori Seven380410
X125 T360390
X125 T-WC360390
ROK GP360405
Shifter - Stock Honda385
Shifter ROK395
Shifter KZ395
Shifter ICC395



13300 White Rock Rd
Rancho Cordova Ca 95742